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Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare Flooring

Our efficiency and success in dealing with these specialised environments is based upon a stringent work programme, and strict attention to high quality specification on materials. This applies particularly to sterile areas that require the complications of a ‘tank type’ finish, a process that is now a standard procedure for our skilled fitters. We deal with hospitals and other healthcare units to provide the best quality flooring and fitting.

As a hospital needs to remain sanitary we provide some of the easiest flooring solutions to clean and keep sanitary. As we maintain very close connections with our suppliers we can deliver cheaper flooring solutions when compared to other companies.

A hospital generally needs to be floored with material in the thousands of square foot, we can deliver great prices for a big contract that involves a large area covered. Not only can we offer great price but we can offer great customer service, and a quick turnaround.

We have worked with hospitals in the past and have expert knowledge in the industry. Knowing exactly the best materials to use and recommend we can help you with your flooring solutions to deliver great results, great prices and in a relatively short timeframe.

Interested? Contact us by going to our ‘contact’ page or send us an email directly at enquiries@carpet-services.com and we would be happy to give you a quote. Or alternatively call us on 0844 967 0870.

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